Mariah Gillespie, Coronado Piano Teacher and Founder of Ms. Mariah’s Music School

Coronado-based Ms. Mariah (Gillespie) is a certified Yamaha Music Education teacher, with more than a decade of teaching experience in both Australia and the United States. Passionate about music education, Mariah teaches exclusively in-home piano lessons to children and adults of all ages throughout Coronado, California. She also plays the harp.

In addition to serving as the Arts Education and Musical Arts Commissioner for the City of Coronado, Mariah was the pianist for the Coronado Island Film Festival VIP Filmmakers’ Bash in November 2017. During the holidays, she is the pianist for the Coronado Christmas Parade, playing Christmas carols on the public piano in Rotary Plaza as Coronadians sing along. She even made an appearance on KUSI news! She’s played with local Coronado band Fossil Fuel at Costa Azul, and has enjoyed playing on the beautiful Steinway of Ed and Carole McVaney in their stunning Coronado home. She periodically provides piano music for events at Emerald C Gallery, such as wine and paint nights and art exhibitions.  Mariah is a member of the Coronado Public Arts Team, the Coronado Historical Association and Coronado Friends of the Library. In January 2018, Mariah was inducted into the Coronado Rotary Club and is Chair of the Music Committee.

Mariah has a Bachelor of Arts in music from the University of Michigan (Ann Arbor, Michigan) and a Masters in Journalism and Communications from the University of New South Wales (Sydney, Australia).

City of Coronado Arts Education and Musical Arts Commissioner

BA, Music, University of Michigan (Ann Arbor, Michigan)

MA, Journalism & Communications, UNSW (Sydney, Australia)

Member, Coronado Rotary Club

Member, Music Teachers' Association of California (MTAC)

Member, National Association for Music Educators (NAfME)

Member, California Music Educators Association (CMEA)

Member, Amateur Pianists Society of San Diego

Volunteer, San Diego Symphony Orchestra

The Ms. Mariah's Music Method

Mission statement: to instill a love and appreciation of music in every student through comprehensive music education

Anyone can learn to play the piano; an app or a YouTube tutorial can teach you that. Making music, on the other hand, requires a dedication beyond reading notes from a page. How loud or soft are you playing (dynamics)? Are the notes short or smooth (articulation)? Fast or slow (tempo)? Ms. Mariah’s Music teaches comprehensive music lessons, meaning it’s not just about learning to play the piano. Lessons with Ms. Mariah incorporate 5 core subject areas (TERMS):

1. Technique (the relationship between our body and our instrument)

2. Ear Training (identifying pitches, intervals, melodies, rhythms, etc. solely by ear)

3. Repertoire (songs/pieces that we prepare to perform for others or ourselves)

4. Music Theory (written work)

5. Sight Reading (playing music we’ve never seen before)


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“Ah, music. A magic far beyond all we do here!”

Albus dumbledore


The Certificate of Merit Program 

As a member of the Music Teacher Association of California (MTAC), Ms. Mariah and some of her teachers are authorized to enroll eligible students into a music study program called the Certificate of Merit (CM). This evaluation requires students to excel in piano performance, technique, ear training, sight-reading, and music theory. The Ms. Mariah’s Music curriculum is based upon these five core areas of music study, and each subject area is incorporated into lessons that are at least 45 minutes in length. For 30 minute lessons, all subjects except ear training and sight reading are utilized.  Colleges and universities look favorably towards the well-rounded musical education that CM fosters, and students may apply for honors, awards, and scholarships.

In 2017, Ms. Mariah entered 6 of her students in the Certificate of Merit program. All six received their Certificate of Merit, and all 6 received scores of excellent in the majority of categories. In 2018, Ms. Mariah entered 14 of her students into this program. All 14 received their Certificate of Merit and more than half received honors! In 2019, Ms Mariah entered 10 of her students - all received their Certificate of Merit and 6 received branch AND state honors!


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“If music be the food of love, play on.”

William shakespeare



Mariah Gillespie has been playing the piano since age 5 and the harp since age 10.

While Mariah was completing her undergraduate degree at U of M, she fell in love with teaching when she met her first piano student, Sarah Cattell, from Ann Arbor, Michigan. When she moved to Australia, she continued to teach with Yamaha Music for 2 years while completing her masters degree and working full time in marketing. She moved to California in early 2013 and worked for Qualcomm whilst continuing to teach music on the side. Finally, in early 2014, her passions persuaded her to pursue a full time teaching career. Mariah now lives and teaches piano lessons full time in Coronado, California.


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